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2018 Dues

Pay by check to Treasurer Ken Gabriel or use PayPal. See our Fall 2017 Newsletter for our Due's Fee structure. Use the Login Button (Top Right Corner) to access our Member Page

4,000 games and growing

Methuen's highly regarded Ron Annand officiates year-round in four sports

Eagle Tribune July 11, 2017

2017-18 Executive Board

President Phil Cultrera, Vice-President Tom Torrisi, Treasurer Ken Gabriel, Secretary Jack Gilhooly, Interpreter Fred Simm. Our General Board members are Ted Houlihan, Ralph Marasa , Steve Martinelli, Fred Rheault and JJ Rivera

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Next stop, Williamsport?

Methuen umpire will work World Series games in California

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Our Executive Board

Phil Cultrera
Phil Cultrera

Tom Torrisi
Vice president
Tom Torrisi

Ken Gabriel

Jack Gilhooly
Mike Lynch

Immediate Past President
Mike Lynch

Fred Simm

About Us

Mission Statement

The Greater Lawrence Baseball Umpire Association's mission is to recruit, train, improve, promote, and unify baseball umpires across ranks by maintaining a high standard of officiating.

The GLBUA is committed to providing local leagues with qualified, dedicated, trained and dependable umpires. We pride ourselves on a membership that is highly experienced with the rules of baseball, proficient at all levels of play, and committed to professionalism and integrity both on and off the field.


Our vision is to offer the highest qualified officials in the region. By carrying out this vision at every level of our membership, we will strive to recruit qualified and dedicated umpires that foster a passion and respect for the game; thus serving our clients with the most qualified officials and resulting in value for all.


To achieve our mission and realize our vision we must live by our values. With those goals in mind we require the following from our membership:

  • High level of professionalism
  • Exceptional rules knowledge
  • Respectful of all people involved in each contest
Something about us
  • The Greater Lawrence Baseball Umpires Association has served the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire area at all levels of baseball officiating for the past 4 decades,. The overwhelming need for quality baseball umpires spawned the idea to create this organization in the early 1970's. Founding fathers Tom McAvoy, Bill Callagy, Walt Roberts, Larry Lafond and Marty Hamilton met in the basement of the Rendezvous Restaurant in Methuen to pool their ideas into what is now a viable, highly successful and respected umpiring association.
  • The name of the Greater Lawrence Umpires Association was a most appropriate fit because the vast majority of the membership hails from Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen, North Andover, Andover, Lowell and the border cities and towns of southern New Hampshire.
  • The organization has grown from its humble beginnings in the 1970's of less than 20 members to the present membership of over 200. The G.L.B.U.A. has been led by past presidents Tom McAvoy, Larry Lafond, Bob O'Leary, Fred Simm, Rick Puente, Alan Anselmi, Ken Gabriel, John Shaheen, Dan Clark, Jack Gilhooly,  Scott Young, Mike Lynch, and presently Phil Cultrera. Outstanding leaders have continued to consistently maintain an outstanding baseball umpiring organization.
  • Presently, the G.L.B.U.A. has twelve Lifetime members: Ron Annand, Frank Androski, Tom Clarke, Phil Cultrera, Ted Houlihan, Ken Gabriel, Bob O'Leary, Bob Parker, Fred Simm, Mike Walker, Jim Young and Rob Prunier. Combined, they have over 300 years of umpiring experience. They have been the cornerstone of this association.

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